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Money Back Guarantee

Conditions for returning money for products and goods A powerful secret to Iranemart's success

Respected buyers in every where can consider the exact range of goods they want from a wide range of goods offered at their own time and expense.

In this way, buyers can complete the purchase at any time of the day, and experts will also check the customer's order on the first business day after the completion of the purchase process, and are confident in the originality and quality of the products.

And you can safely use our expertise and our experts and have full confidence in the return of your purchase.

You can shop from Iranemart safely.

Iranemart will return your cash payment if goods and products are not delivered or the product is not in conformity and its originality is refunded.

At the time of purchase, you will transfer money to Iranemart Company account and Iranemart's Importer merchants send you the goods for you. If you confirm, the money will be deposited to the seller account.


 Money Back guarantee 

I have not received the goods
- Your money has been credited to Iranemart's account. If you have not received the item, click on the following order link  to follow by Iranemart.
The goods do not match the order
- If the item received is not the same, then Iranemart will support you and return your payment. Click on the following order link to contact us or contact the site support.
The goods are defective or in conflict with the declared content.
- As long as the buyer does not purchase the product quality declaration, the payment is secured to the credit card, after 48 hours the payment will be credited to the seller's account.


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